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What are Restorative Approaches?

Restorative Approaches, inspired by the philosophy and practices of Restorative Justice, are processes and strategies used in workplaces, schools, organizations, and the justice system to repair harm and build or strengthen relationships. These processes focus on methods that help people to cooperate, to take personal responsibility for their actions, and to resolve conflict. Instead of focusing on blame and doing things to or for people, the restorative approach works with people to build problem-solving and decision-making skills that result in better connections, less conflict, and a healthier community.

Our Programs

CRA offers a wide range of restoratives services from prevention to intervention.


Restorative Circles

A Restorative Circle is a conflict-resolution discussion where those affected develop their own solutions on how to make the situation right. In this process, a CRA trained facilitator brings together those responsible, those impacted, and others affected to create an action plan to repair harm and prevent it from happening again.

CRA currently offers two types of Restorative Circles:

CC TrainingPrevention: A preventative Restorative Circle brings together those  affected by a conflict to prevent a more serious incident from occurring.    This process allows for those involved to discuss what happened, how they were affected and guides the participants through developing a plan to make the situation better before it escalates.

Intervention: A Restorative Circle can also be used as an intervention when a serious conflict or incident has already occurred. This process also brings together everyone who has been affected by an incident to speak about what happened, how they have been affected, and to decide collaboratively how to repair harm that has occurred as alternative to a punitive consequence.

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Training and ConsultingTraining Pic

The Center for Restorative Approaches provides training and professional development services. The training provides tools that build productive relationships and ensure that conflict can be resolved in constructive ways. We offer trainings in a wide variety of settings including on-site trainings for businesses, public agencies, and schools as well as city-wide trainings for individuals and neighborhood leaders.

Training and Consulting include:

  • An Introduction to Restorative Approaches 

This foundational training focuses on healthy communication  and community building to build and  strengthen relationships. 

          *Prerequisite for Restorative Conversations & Restorative Circles

  • Facilitating Restorative Circles

This training teaches how to apply the Restorative Approach to resolve more serious conflicts.  The training process also includes observations and  cofacilitations for those becoming CRA Certified Facilitators.

  • Teaching Youth Restorative Approaches & Peer Facilitator’s Club 

This tailored curriculum is designed to introduce young people to the Restorative Approach to empower them with the tools to support healthy communication and to resolve conflicts in socially-positive ways. 

  • Addressing Racism Together (A.R.T)

Click here to learn more information about this six-session dialogue process.

  • Implicit Bias 

Implicit Bias refers to the unconscious attitudes and stereotypes used by the brain to make decision-making more efficient. During this 2 hour workshop,  participants will engage in activities and discussions on the science and implications of implicit bias and gain tools to mitigate it’s impact

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School Partnerships


Cohen Circle

CRA partners with schools in the greater New Orleans area to help incorporate Restorative Approaches into their school community. We offer targeted coaching and support for our school leaders, culture teams and other student support services, and also equip the entire  staff with the Restorative communication skills they need to build and strengthen relationships with their students. All of our partnerships include the ability to make referrals for Restorative Circles which can be used as a prevention/alternative to suspension.

To learn more about our School Commitment Packages, or to customize your own, please CONTACT US!