Restorative Circles

"People need to know these circles work. They help a lot of students, make us safer and make the school a better place... Circles can help a lot of the problems in schools and I hope every school starts to use them" -Student Participant


"When our school adopted this philosophy after attending CRA's summer training, the relationship between adults and students shifted drastically... because of this shift... we have seen our out of school suspension rate plummet by 65%..." - Assistant Principal

Professional Development

"Last year we had two binders for behavioral referrals at our school, after working with CRA we only need one"- Dean of Students

Restorative Schools

"... through these Approaches, there will be fewer fights in school, which results in fewer expulsions and suspensions. Learning how to prevent violence should be a vital part of any New Orleans' student's education." -Council Member, LaToya Cantrell

Nurturing our Humanity: One Person, One Circle, and One Community at a Time.

As the city of New Orleans continues to struggle with tension, conflict and violence, the Center for Restorative Approaches offers an alternative approach to addressing some of the community’s most pressing concerns. At CRA, we work WITH those affected to develop collaborative solutions. By partnering with schools, organizations and businesses, CRA services allow for people to listen, to be heard, and to work together to resolve conflict in healthy ways.

At CRA, we see each conflict as an opportunity to repair a relationship, each source of tension as a chance to build empathy, and each feeling of difference as a means to build community. CONTACT US to learn about joining our mission!
What are Restorative Approaches?

What are Restorative Approaches?

Restorative Approaches are processes and strategies used in workplaces, schools, organizations, and the justice system to repair harm and build or strengthen relationships.
Our Programs

Our Programs

CRA offers a wide range of restoratives services from prevention to intervention.
How Can You Help?

How Can You Help?

There are many ways that you can support Restorative Approaches in your community.
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